Office365: smtp alias met AD Sync

Wanneer je gebruik maakt van office 365 in combinatie met een domain controller in je lokale netwerk , dan is het een hele klus om een simpele e-mail alias aan te maken. Normaal gesproken doe je dit vanuit Exchange. Omdat je dat niet meer hebt op je lokale server ( want je maakt gebruik van Office 365) gaat dat nu iets anders. De grote truc is om te gebruiken bij een primair email adres , en bij aliassen ( let op de hoofdletters!)
Hieronder zie je wat je precies moet doen:

1.Go to Start > Run and type adsiedit.msc

2. Select “Connect To:” under tha actions menu and select your AD

3.Now, find the unit where your AD user’s reside

4.Right click the user you want to edit and click Properties.

5.Find the variable proxyAddresses – this is the one you want to edit.

When you add new e-mail aliases, you want to make sure that your primary e-mail address will start with upper-case SMTP. Your aliases, aka, secondary addresses should be lower-case smtp.For example, I want my primary e-mail address to be

In the proxyAddresses attribute, I would put:

As my alias, I want … to do this, I will use lower case smtp:

NOTE: This will only update after DirSync executes which, by default is 3 hours. Also, it is important to note that the primary email address must also be added to the ProxyAddress object as well as the alias.

Next go to the DirSync server and execute the following.

1. Launch PowerShell with elevated rights

2. Execute the following commands:

Set-Location c:\”Program Files”\”Windows Azure Active Directory Sync”\

Set-ExecutionPolicy UnRestricted


Import-Module DirSync


Set-ExecutionPolicy Restricted

Test that alias is set.

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